History and Family Tree

“History could be divided into events which do not matter and events which probably never occurred. (W.R. Inge)”

Today, we are concern with what matters and that is you, family!

History of the Maison family of Guyana

The Maison family like most families in Guyana and the West Indies; can be traced directly back to civilisation in Africa.

However, for the purpose of offering an understanding of our ancestral underpinnings; it is important to note that we are descendants of Apollo Maison.
Apollo Maison was born a house slave in Barbados (year to be added). In (year to be added) it is believed that Apollo traveled to British Guyana with his brothers and later purchased plantations from the planters’ class.
He was known to be a village leader in the Nabaclis/ Golden Grove region. Along with other villagers, they meet at the village place of meeting (the popular tamarind tree); where they discussed pertinent ideas to move their community forward. Apollo there begot nine children.
They were (names, place of birth and date of birth to be added).

Post emancipation, work in Guyana were predominantly located in the eastern half of the country; that is, along the former plantation lands of the Mahaicony/Berbice region.
This caused the sons of Apollo to leave the Coast and take the days old journey to Berbice. It is told that along the way, their eyes behold several beautiful gems who they had intimate engagements with.

The result was a spreading of the Apollo legacy from the Corentyne basin to the East Coast of Demerara.
Today, in a quest to retrace the footsteps of our fore parents, we have learned much and will continue to research into understanding our past and closing that circle of family love.


If you would like to learn more about the Maison family, click on the link below to view the family tree.

Maison Family Tree



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